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Renee’ Dawn – Interior Decorator

Most interior decorator’s bios start with a description about themselves and while experience is important let me begin by saying what I think is critical to the success of interior design; the collaboration and making the client’s vision come alive and ultimately making them happy.

Your home is your sanctuary; a place to escape from all the troubles of the world. I want to make my client’s dreams come true. If I do my job properly then as soon as my customer crosses their threshold they smile and breathe a sigh of satisfaction. They have captured the essence of design of who they are and how they wish to represent a glimmer of what comfortable style means to them.

I sold real estate for twenty years for residential and new home sales. My other co-workers, clients and superiors always wanted to know why even in a downturn in the economy my homes were outselling my competition and rather than telling them I showed them that I staged every listing and then moved on to decorate model homes for most of the neighborhoods I sold to.

I was getting so many calls for my design work that I decided I wanted to delve into that side of things full time. This led me to a friend who had heard about Right at Home Luxury Boutique. I was always a fan of upscale furniture but wanted a place that centered on customer service and multiple quality collections. I found my perfect fit here and the last five years I have been designing the showroom and other clients homes exclusively. If you are interested in someone who cares, centers on a Focal point, creativity, glamour, that extra piece that stands out above the rest and listening to my client’s wishes: these are my keys to success in a nut shell we can do this together and I look forward to assisting you in every way I can.


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